4 overlooked B2B strategies

Marketing for B2B (business-to-business) is different than for B2C (business-to-consumer) in several ways you may not have considered.

We’re all bombarded by B2C marketing, so it’s easy to see concepts in those messages and expect them to work just as effectively for B2B.

B2C ideas may not translate well to B2B.

Though many consider B2B decisions to be logical and deliberate, the final act of a B2B purchase can be more emotional than a quick consumer goods purchase. The cost of a B2B product or service is often a lot higher than a B2C deliverable. Multiple stakeholders may be involved in the final decision. Since the stakes are higher and more people take part, emotions can be intense. And your reputation may be on the line around the outcome of the decision.

To help you take better B2B marketing actions, here are four specific action steps:

  • Marketing emails: Give just one call to action per email. Your audience is typically too busy and distracted to deal with more than one. And adding more than one will decrease the chances of the reader taking any action.
  • Social media posts and PPC ads: Focus on the needs of your audience rather than great things coming out of your perception of your offering. An example of this approach is to highlight a common problem your audience faces and provide your solution.
  • Sharing content: Mobilize your company. After you create great content, ask everyone to share that content. People sharing content get eight times more engagement than content coming straight from a brand. We trust friends more than we trust brands.
  • Blog posts and website articles: Since a B2B purchase often follows a long pipeline, saturate the ground slowly by providing smaller chunks of content. Your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to a decision requires content focusing on each phase.

Use these ideas and you will more effectively reach your audience. Contact us for help implementing these concepts into your marketing plan.