Case Study: Loop Logo

The LOOP icon design
CLC fleur-de-lis symbol

Logo Design

Christian Living Communities, a senior living company with about 1,000 employees across the nation, faced the challenges of employees staying in touch with each other and jelling as teams. Communication flow often got jumbled through a variety of channels, including texts, emails and phone calls. Many team members have jobs that do not allow them to access email communication.

Beekeeper creates apps that connect teams within companies. Christian Living Communities branded the Beekeeper app as their own to increase recognition and adoption among their team members.

The app icon needed to tie in with the company’s symbol (shown below the Loop logo), carrying the feel of a loop, incorporating the letter “L” and reflecting the vibrant team dynamic that the company’s associates enjoy.

Paul Merrill of Greener Grass Media designed a logo for this app. Successful adoption across several locations resulted in greatly increased team interactions.

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