Case Study: Someren Glen

Someren Glen rehab Facebook ad

Marketing Campaign: Creation, Strategy & Management

In the heart of suburban Denver lies a tranquil retirement community, Someren Glen.

Their parent company wanted to provide a comfortable and beautiful place for older adults to recover after surgery by opening a new state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility.

During the construction of the new rehabilitation wing, Someren Glen offered limited space for rehab patients to receive recuperative care, so potential customers went elsewhere during construction. This meant when the new facility opened, fresh marketing needed to take place.

Paul Merrill of Greener Grass Media created a campaign to address the shortfall in occupancy through a multiple-pronged campaign:

  • Paul contracted and art-directed professional photography of the new facility.
    A local public relations firm was hired to get the word out to multiple local media outlets.
  • Content was written for a new web page and related blog post.
  • LinkedIn posts were sent out by relevant team members to hospital case workers who recommend rehabilitation programs to patients as they are released.
  • A Facebook ad campaign was run.
  • An email campaign was run targeting local health professionals.
  • A pay-per-click search ad campaign was launched to the general public, targeting relevant age, income and zip categories.

This campaign resulted in full occupancy of the new wing within four months.

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