Harvard free coursesLearning is a discipline we all need to continue pursuing. Time and money have prevented many people from seeking ongoing quality education. But today, some of the finest learning is now available to everyone with an internet connection and a computer. For free.

MIT offers a very robust set of courses. From cognitive sciences to nuclear engineering, they have you covered. Some background in your chosen field of study will be needed to understand the material. They also offer courses in more than just English.

Annenberg Learner provides courses for teachers in the arts, foreign language, literature, science, and other traditional areas of study that are part of the average high school curriculum.

Harvard offers a small set of courses, but each course has a full set of MP3, video, and PDF resources. As you might expect, several of the courses are very intellectually oriented.

Open Culture links to a very extensive set of resources for you to explore. Icelandic language and automotive design are just the tip of the iceberg.

Have fun!

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