Greener Grass Media logo possibilities

Many friends took my poll about which of these logos would be the new logo for Greener Grass Media. (As you may or may not know, we rebranded ourselves on May 8, 2012.)

In the end, we chose the logo you see at the top of this website. Paul, the designer of the six logos you see above, was just too close to the project to be objective. He called in an outside designer to advise him, and that designer came up with the final new logo. It’s challenging to see the best solution when a project is personal.

We changed to this new look from the hand-drawn illustration of a fence dividing a brown field and a green field. Even though the old look was only about a year old, we were ready for a change. Also, this new website is more versatile than the old, particularly in showcasing the examples of design we provide.

We hope you like this new look! We do.