analog watch and apple watchAs Google bought Fitbit, the benefits of analog and digital watches came to mind.

Analog watches have unmatched appeal for those who appreciate mechanical excellence. Nothing compares to the beauty of a handcrafted object. A simple appliance can be elevated from pure function to the realm of art.

Billionaires fill their display cases with timepieces made by Patek Philippe and IWC – and not Apple Watches.

But the Apple Watch has beauties beyond appearance. At a glance, you can see the temperature outside, weather forecast, stock prices, what’s next on your schedule – and more.

I’d argue that we need both art and science – both in business and in our personal lives.

A well-run business has team members that focus on the technical aspects of their offerings and those who focus on the art of their offerings.

Customers need to connect with the heart and soul of your business – not just your effective functionality.