Two men in an interview, apparently sleeping

Operating your life – or your business – based on one moment in time is foolish.

The men pictured above could be seen as sleepy or just not focused – if you stopped this video at two exact points – when they were blinking.

But they’re both really smart people, and if you watch the video, you’ll see why.

One bit of advice that Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, gave in the video that’s particularly insightful: you’ve got to “…rip up your playbook every day and make sure you have the right playbook tomorrow.”

It’s important to adapt to cultural change and pivot accordingly. Mr. Roberts should know – Comcast generated total revenue of more than $103 billion in 2020 (source).

If you listened to that quote by itself, it could seem that Mr. Roberts operates Comcast based on a moment in time. However, the whole video clearly points to a very carefully planned – big picture – look at the industry.

The pandemic caused major changes for everyone, but not everyone adapted. In marketing, a robust digital strategy is now essential for doing business for almost every business and non-profit.

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