There is so much to keep track of today. Thankfully, modern technology often comes to the rescue. However, it can be a crutch: “I can just look it up.”

Remembering that new person’s name is huge. You’ll give that person a feeling that you value them. You’ll feel more confident as you relate with them. You’ll save yourself that sinking feeling of having forgotten their name, even though you have been around them several times.

Here are a few tips on how to remember their name:

1. Think of a strange hook. Example: Sara Brown. Think of the main Sara you know and picture them being dipped in brown paint. Every time you see this new Sara, you see your favorite Sara covered in a thin coat of dripping brown paint. Another way is to come up with a phrase that sounds like their name. “Latrice is Pat’s niece.”

2. Take a few seconds and say their name over and over in your head, right after you first meet them.

3. Don’t be afraid to admit that you forgot. But start your admission of guilt with a compliment. “Your insights on that new development were awesome, but I’ve completely forgotten your name. Can you please remind me?”

4. Say their name to them, right after you hear it. “So Sara, what do you think about that decision?”

Try these techniques this week. Or even today.

Image partially courtesy of Alex France on Flikr.