Google Offers adsGoogle sends me emails once a day. Their Offers program is a lot like Groupon. But sadly, they must hire interns to create Offers email ads. Or maybe businesses have the ability to create those ads. Several details were missed: a bad photo of a stack of blank DVD cases – and a click through – did not reveal what sort of Monthly Cricket Bill was advertised. And the man changing the oil appears to be under a lot of pressure from the weight of the car.

When something says Google at the top, recipients have certain expectations. Quality is one, and these ads did not deliver. Even though Google’s Offers program might be one of their smallest sources of revenue, it still reflects on their image.

Maintaining a high level of quality across everything you offer can be challenging. Stakeholders demand more and more products and levels of service. Delivery times are growing shorter and shorter. Profit margins can be razor-thin.

Sometimes a choice must be made: wide offerings with low quality or narrow offerings with high quality. Another alternative is to grow slowly enough that you have the proper infrastructure in place before you launch each new initiative.

Which way will you go?