Coupon services are huge. They drive sales to your business like few other resources can. In fact, many consumers won’t buy something unless a coupon is part of the deal.

There are lots of things to consider before you start using coupons.

> What is your target audience?

> How will you target them? By email, a card at an event or using social media?

> Is it worth your money to use the service?

One of the biggest questions to ask is:

> What discount rate will you give for what you’re offering?

If you are really really confident that people will use your service or buy your product again, go for a deep discount. If you are confident that customers will come back and just need a way to find you, also go for that deep discount. If you think your service or product is already very fairly priced, go for a smaller discount.

Carefully consider whether people will continue to expect a huge discount before they will come back. If that’s true, using a deep discount is a really bad idea.

Finally, if you need help with starting to use a coupon service for your business, give me a shout. I use a resource that is way better than what the big players in the coupon service market offer. Contact me and I’ll tell you why!