Perrier teams up with Andy WarholPerrier teamed up with Andy Warhol for a series of limited edition bottles.

The problem is that the bottles are a long way from Andy Warhol’s original art. (The top photo shows Perrier’s plastic rendition. The bottom photo shows Mr. Warhol’s art.)

Since Andy Warhol died in 1987, he cannot speak up for maintaining the integrity of his artwork. And Perrier is driven by profits, so their reproduction of his artwork is limited by cost factors.

Andy Warhol and Perrier are a good reminder that you need to stay on top of how the public sees you or your organization. You can keep your organization’s image in the best possible position by doing these things:

1. If you have a logo, make sure the latest generation is everywhere. (Yahoo did not do that. Update: Yahoo is actually trying out 30 different logos on the unsuspecting public. But for the average person, this may appear to be some kind of a mistake.)

2. If you partner with another organization, make sure they keep your identity intact. Logo Design Love has a great set of links to graphic standards manuals from many major corporations. Download a few to see how that’s done.

3. Set up graphic standards for your organization. (See the link just above.) This involves things like keeping the colors consistent across everything you produce.

4. You need to have a good website and a social media presence. Give me a shout and I can help.