If it has been a while since you’ve looked at your organization’s blog, consider these ideas to improve it:

1. Tell stories of real people. Ask those who have enjoyed your product or service and been satisfied to consider sharing their story of how it improved their work or life. Remember that people always connect better with a real story than with a dry list of facts.

2. If you haven’t put up too much material, consider changing your organization’s blog address to: organization.com/blog. This will allow your blog to more easily be found by search engines and real humans. It might even be worth it to switch, even if you already have a lot of posts.

3. Put social media links in a very visible place. I’d suggest the upper right corner. Be sure to use the most common version of the service icons. (Look at this site for an example!)

4. Post at least once a week. Search engines love to see activity. Humans do too. If you can find time and energy to post three times a week, that’s close to ideal. I used to think that five posts a week was optimal, but I really believe people will start to tune you out if they hear too much from you (unless they’re your mother!).

5. Make it very easy to find what your business or service does. Do this by having the words on your “About” page be understood by a ten-year old.

Finally, if you’d like help with any of these areas, be sure to contact me!

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