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Add Fun to Your Business

February 23rd, 2012

Paul Merrill

I signed up for a new social media tool, Bottlenose. (I’m still figuring out if it’s useful.)

As I navigated through the demo, I loved the buttons on each feature panel! Instead of using the boring standard “Next,” the copywriters used words like “Makes Sense” and “Gotcha.” (See below.)

Please add fun like that to your company’s public-facing communication, whenever you can. Potential or current customers will feel warmer toward your company. They’ll be more likely to return to your site. Life is too short to be boring!

Here are some ideas on how:

1. Obviously, substitute fun words for boring words when giving one-word instructions.

2. Inject color in surprising places.

3. Think of “easter eggs” – unexpected “prizes” that will appear when your client has completed a next step in signing up for your product or service.

4. What is a less-serious way to describe something that you offer?

5. Describe your product or service with a fun video. Shoot it in an unusual setting.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this does not apply if you are running a funeral home or in certain areas like health or legal.

Link: Bottlenose (http://bottlenose

Next buttons

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