Adobe has created a new application that could revolutionize the world of website creation: Muse.

If you use any of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, Muse will be easy for you to dip your toes into. It’s designed for designers. It’s designed for people who are afraid of code.

I spent less than an hour playing around. The interface was super easy. (But I’m very comfortable swimming in the waters of Photoshop and InDesign.) I was able to create a 3-page fully-functioning live website on Adobe’s businesscatalyst host. It was the fastest way I’ve seen a site go live, outside of using tools like or Blogger. (Note that to use that service, you’ll need to sign up. It’s free, at least till the tool leaves beta.)

The application is cloud-based, in that you do not have to save your file. But you can save it on your hard drive, if you like. If you use it without an internet connection, you may be frustrated.

Here’s the beta package download link. The scheduled full release is “early 2012.” Note the term beta. This product is not finished. Who knows what the impact will be when they are all done and it starts to be used by lots of people.

If you’re a designer or a coder, give it a try. You may be glimpsing the future.

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