Mitt Romney's letterMitt Romney wrote me a letter. He wanted money. I’m not a fan of Mitt, nor am I a fan of Barack.  I’m just glad that we have a choice. But that’s not the purpose of this post.

Mitt’s writers decided to put the date at the top of the letter like this: “Wednesday Morning”. No month. No date. Just “Wednesday Morning”.

I asked myself why they did it that way and could not come up with a reason. The mental bump in the road was simply a stumbling block. It caused me to stop and wonder why, rather than say, “That was clever!” They broke the rules without any reason.

If you’re going to break the rules, have a reason. It’s good to stretch boundaries, if you push your audience in a helpful new direction. If you’re pushing them only for the sake of pushing them, they will just get annoyed at you.

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  1. You are correct.
    However, it seems a not uncommon approach is to get attention by being obnoxious–like the Vonage theme music that is hard to forget

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