Campaign Lengths

How early should you run a campaign to promote your product or service?

Barack Obama and Donald Trump have an answer for you – wait.

As of this blog post, we are about 18 months away from the election for the president of the USA. And I’m already tired of hearing about which candidate would be best. Or why one would be worst.

More about which length fits you – think about these things:

  • Will your product or service (hereafter, “thing”) benefit from early buzz?
  • Know your audience – some like long advance notice of a thing’s launch (Apple) and for others it makes no difference (roofing tile).
  • Do you have a community surrounding your thing who will carry the message further than your efforts? If yes, you should allow more time for the word to get out.
  • Will your audience get burned out on hearing about your thing in advance of its launch? Be kind to them – they are your lifeblood!
  • How many channels is your campaign going to run on? Think about each channel. Some require more lead time (billboards) and other less (Twitter). Spend your money wisely!