Several years ago, I participated in a weekend conference designed to help people navigate life’s challenges.

The keynote speaker gave a ton of principles on raising kids. And he was a single man with no children.

I had to ask myself, what did he really know about raising kids? Sure, some of the principles were pretty basic that anyone could figure out. But some of the more advanced concepts were maybe a little controversial and certainly untested by him.

Though his audience may have been smaller, if he had majored on principles about life that he tested for himself and found helpful, I think the seminar would have been a lot more solid. Real. Sincere. Authentic.

Here’s an analogy – a coffee sales person who doesn’t drink coffee – I wouldn’t listen to them or buy their product.

Stick to what you do well. Learn more about what you don’t. (And if you’re single and want to be a parenting expert, start having kids.)

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