On our way back from far away, we watched several in-flight films. The winner, by far, was The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

A great part was when the politician David Norris (played by Matt) said his team picked his ties based on the effect they would have on his audience. He said this to help the audience realize that he was authentic – and not just the construction of a team of marketing experts.

I realize that this kind of thing is reality for anyone who is very much in the public eye – but I thought what a shame it must be to not even be able to choose your own tie.

As you communicate for your business, do everything you can to stay authentic. Speak from your own experience. Share the lessons you have learned that may be helpful for your clients.

Whether you are selling plumbing help or the next senator, be real. Your potential or current clients can probably see through any facade you might construct. And if they can’t, could you look them in the eye?

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