PodCamp DenverThe weekend of October 5 and 6 was PodCamp Denver 3, a conference I led with the help of several very smart people.

It was a great time of sharing ideas and learning from each other. We broke into two groups and learned about thing ranging from the role of maps in mobile communication to the latest in search engine optimization techniques. Everything related to communicating ideas using the internet.

Even though everyone at PodCamp spends their work days on computers with virtual groups, we all see the value of meeting in real life. Sometimes, you can learn so much more in hours of face-to-face meetings than from days of virtual meetings.

The point of this post is not to talk about geeky things like what we discussed – but rather to say it’s very much worth your while to spend time with other professionals in your field. If you don’t know about where groups like that are, start by looking for them. If you can’t find any, start a group! If you live in a small town, travel to a bigger town and start a group there. Becky did.

Finally, get together with a group outside of your place of employment. You see those people enough. Even if you’re part of a huge corporation, you need the perspective of people from outside your company’s niche.

This post originally appeared on my personal blog. Even though the topic is professional learning, I think growing in that area benefits your personal life as well.

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