There are so many social media platforms to use. How do you choose where to focus your social media efforts?

The best way for you to figure out how to spend your social media time and/or money is to ask two questions:

1. Which social media channels are my customers spending time on?

2. Which social media channels are my potential customers spending time on?

Do not be swayed by the latest fads. Pinterest is huge now, and may very well be a good place to spend some of your time and energy. But it may not. Again, look where your customers are. Google+ seemed like a great thing when it first started, but relatively few people have stayed there, in spite of early projections.

Facebook is the market leader. I’d suggest that you do Facebook and¬†something else. If your business is not on Facebook, you will seem irrelevant and behind the curve.

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    1. Glad to be helpful, Janet! And hello to you in MA. It would be fun for our families to meet up sometime.

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