Freemium is a valuable concept to understand and apply to your business or organization.

The main idea is this – offer a basic version of your core product or service for free and then charge for versions that offer more. This is very common in the online apps industry. Hootsuite (affiliate link), in my opinion the best social media management tool, offers tons of features for free. Upgrading to the Pro version costs $5.99 a month but offers extras that give significant super powers to do your work as a social media professional.

The free version “hooks” you. You see the strength of the product or service. You become loyal to the company. Then you decide to pay extra for more features.

What if  your product or service doesn’t fit into this kind of model? Offer great customer service. That’s free to your clients (in a sense) but will certainly cause them to want to continue using your services.

If you missed it, here is part one of Free vs. Paid.

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