Microsoft has a growing number of stores around the USA. They came very late to the game that Apple started with their retail stores.

Microsoft Stores are not nearly as focused as Apple Stores. Microsoft Stores offer a massive variety of products. You are struck by extremely busy visuals, in contrast to Apple’s clean and simple retail interface.

But that’s not what I’m preaching today.

If you look at this recent ad (detail), you’ll see that they are offering training for $49 that Apple offers free at their stores. Apple computers cost considerably more than computers that run Windows, on the face of it. But in the end, Apple computers may be cheaper. Bundled software alone adds huge value. And relative freedom from virus attacks saves hours of productivity.

Mostly, though, I want you to think about whether you should charge more up front or at the end. In some cases, one model works better than the other. In the case of Apple Stores compared to Microsoft Stores, there is a very clear winner.