A great teacher once said, take the log out of your eye before you pick the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.

This is so true. And it totally applies to how we view our business or initiatives. Sometimes we just can’t see an important aspect of what we offer that needs to change. Normally, we’ll find out when things we do aren’t working. (Some people will shout at us!) However, feedback mechanisms are not always in place. Or people might be too embarrassed or shy to point out a problem we have.

There are several ways to get the feedback you need for your business or product. One is to ask an honest friend – somebody you know who’ll be blunt and unafraid of offending you. Don’t ask your partner or spouse. Even if they aren’t afraid of offending you, they are probably almost as close to the project as you are.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone who is not an expert on your company’s offerings. In fact, that may be better than hiring a knowledgeable expert. Someone who doesn’t know your industry or genre can often provide a totally new perspective.

Another feedback mechanism is to hire a company like Greener Grass Media. We’ll give you the unbiased feedback you need to improve your offering! Here’s where you can contact us.

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