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Inbox Zero? No.

November 12th, 2012

Paul Merrill

gmail inbox countWhy is my Gmail inbox so full? Because I use it for free storage.

My main personal email account is Gmail. I have completely enjoyed using it for a long time. My overall experience with Gmail has been so good that I’d almost invest in Google stock.

The only emails I delete are those with large attachments. If I kept those, I would eventually reach the limit Google has given me. But at my current rate of heading toward full capacity, I’ll reach there a long long time from now.

Even though I back up my computer in several ways, this extra level of backup has proven useful. If I’m away from my backup hard drives, I can find a missing email just by connecting to Gmail through the internet.

I do not access my Gmail through their web interface. I use Apple’s Mail, which provides a much easier way for me to use all my email accounts. (I keep the number of emails in my inbox there much smaller.) For Windows users, I’d recommend Mozilla Thunderbird (http://www NULL.mozilla or Opera Mail (http://www NULL.opera

Gmail capacityIf you’re at a place where you can switch to Gmail for your personal account, I’d highly recommend you make the move. Remember, it’s free!

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