Have you played with Flipboard? It’s a great new app that works on the iPhone and the iPad. Using this tool allows you to plow through about 100 news stories in less than 5 minutes. Each story is represented by a photo and a short description. The only time you go deeper is when a story appeals to you. Then you click on it and are brought to the original story on a website.

I love how Flipboard lets me eat fast food, when it comes to information. One of my clients is an automotive dealership group, so I skim a lot of stories related to cars. Last night I discovered that fuel prices are about to go up significantly, because at least two stories mentioned that. So I filled up my tank during an errand this morning.

Here’s the catch – your story must have a great photo and a short compelling¬†description. So be sure to put a lot of effort into your story’s meta description. (Ask me about that, if you don’t already know.)

Link: Flipboard. You might also want to read this article from Capture the Conversation that pegs to the value of thinking about your mobile presence.

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