How do you relate to potential business contacts? Guy Kawasaki suggest several ways in his book Enchantment. The top three are:

Engage fast: Don’t let that contact go cold, after you first meet the person. If you don’t engage fast, they will most likely lose whatever interest they initially had with you or what you had to offer.

Engage many: Spread your net far and wide. If you only focus on those you think are the in the center of your target, you may miss some incredible opportunities.

Engage often: Do not be afraid to contact your potential connection more than once. Your first unfruitful contact may have just been on a bad day. Or if it was a good day, you will want to reinforce their good feelings.

And these points are just the tip of the iceberg. Way more stuff that is applicable to business – and life – is from cover to cover. Guy’s book is one of the few business and life books that will stay on my shelf. Normally I digest what I need and then get rid of non-fiction books (or sell them on Amazon), but this one is so good that I’ll keep referring back to it for for a while.

Here’s the Amazon link for Enchantment.

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