I’m working on a website for a friend. He makes beautiful hunting knives. They’re beyond what you could buy at just about any regular store that sells hunting knives. Think hand-made and very custom. Think Ferrari 458 compared to Toyota Camry.

Have you ever looked closely at a Ferrari? The gap between the door and the body is much bigger on a Ferrari than on a Camry. Gap distances are a traditional measure of quality control.

Do Ferrari customers care about those gaps? Of course not! And they know that they’ll probably have to change the oil a little more frequently than they would if they bought a Camry. But the beauty and desirability of the Ferrari is not diminished at all by these things.

As you launch your product or service, focus on what makes you different. Think of why people will love what you’re offering rather than the functional equivalent. That is what will set your thing apart and ultimately win buyers or clients.

(Photo by Paul.)

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