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Spend the Time You Need – And No More

March 2nd, 2011

Paul Merrill

Have you ever looked closely at a mail truck?

It’s a crude design… The bolts are exposed. The gas cap is visible. The corners are square. The windshield is nearly upright.

But so what? Most of the time, it travels no more than 30 mph. Aerodynamics – no need. Style – why should they bother? Speed – next to none. Cushy ride – well, the postal worker might appreciate better.

The cheapest car you can buy has a much smoother design. Its interior is way more refined. But its intended function is different. And car manufacturers have hugely more competition than mail truck creators do.

Takeaway: Don’t put too much effort into something that doesn’t need it.

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  1. Johanna Fenton #
    March 9, 2011

    This is a highly memorable post. Thanks for the takeaway point that makes it so.

    • siteadmin #
      March 9, 2011

      Thank you Johanna!

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