Recently I attended a friend’s graduation ceremony. She just finished grad school. (We were very proud of her!)

I was very pleasantly surprised at the great quality of the commencement address. The noted speaker gave one point I’ll share with you…

Surround yourself with deep people. He was citing Richard Foster – but the speaker took Richard’s point a step further. For us to grow as people – and I’ll add businesses – we must look to leaders in our space. We have to not just graze the surface – but rather drink deeply from what they have to offer.

We may not personally get to know those leaders, but we can certainly learn their thoughts through their books, websites and/or blogs.

Read that leader’s whole book (or even more than one) rather than just skim it. If they only write online, read their blog for several months. They became successful for a reason. Find out why.

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    1. Good question.

      I was thinking of friends who fall in that category – people who make me think beyond my normal realms.

      You, Dave, are one of those people.


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