A Simple Way to Improve Customer Feelings

Say thanks. With a note. During the first week of January, I received a thank you note in the mail from my local hardware store. The owner and his wife actually took the time to sign the note by hand. The next time I visited the store, I took the time to thank the owner […]

What is Good Customer Service?

It’s easy to forget the basics of customer service. You are probably so close to your work that you need time to take a few steps back  to see how you are doing. If you never look in the mirror, you may never see a smudge of dirt that you need to wipe away. I […]

Negative Feedback Can Be a Good Thing

We all hate to get criticized. Even if it’s not a personal attack, we can take it that way. But having negative feedback can be a great opportunity to shine. Here are a few ways this can be true: 1. If the feedback comes through a social media channel and you respond fast, it shows […]