We all hate to get criticized. Even if it’s not a personal attack, we can take it that way.

But having negative feedback can be a great opportunity to shine. Here are a few ways this can be true:

1. If the feedback comes through a social media channel and you respond fast, it shows you are responsive to your customers. (If you don’t monitor your presence on those channels, hire someone to! Here are my contact details.) The opposite can potentially be very damaging, since your lack of response may be seen by more people than you thought.

2. If you show that you truly care about the client or customer’s problem, that will make you look good. But only do this if it’s real!

3. You might learn something. Negative feedback can reveal areas that you really do need to change.

4. True humility is a good thing. You are demonstrating that you need others. The opposite approach to life and business can be a giant turn-off.

5. Finally, go out of your way to satisfy your client or customer. One thing I’ve learned after many years of marriage is that the calm after the storm can be very nice. So your relationship with the unhappy party might be even better than before the problem happened.

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