Using video in your website is an awesome way to give your customers or fans a new way to understand what you offer. Seeing and hearing information can be much richer than just reading it. Even a talking head can add value to the information you want to share.

If you have a “thing” you’re selling, seeing it in use is way better than just seeing still photos.

If you’re sharing a concept, the tone you use may add a lot to what you’re communicating.

Don’t worry about being professional. Casual is often fine. A cheap video camera – even the one that’s probably part of your point-and-shoot or your iPhone – will do fine. Use a tripod. If you are using an iPhone, there are many available. (Search for “iphone tripod.”) Make sure the light is shining on your subject rather than behind it.

Keep it short.

Finally, use YouTube rather than any other video service. Here are the reasons:

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People will look for your business on YouTube. If you’re not there, they may go to a competitor.

2. Google Search indexes YouTube better and more than any other video service.

3. YouTube has less offensive content in their featured videos than and Vimeo do. (You need to consider the conservative people who are your customers and fans.)

Disclaimer: I don’t have any video on this site, because I’m too busy to add any!

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