Chevrolet Impala controlsWhen do you keep things the way they are, and when do you push for change?

Chevrolet recently released a whole new version of their Impala, a large sedan formerly banished to rental car lots. The new model is being marketed to a much younger audience. Chevrolet thinks they can gain some traction with the car’s sporty exterior and faster performance. What they don’t realize is that generally, people from 25-40 do not want large sedans.

A puzzling decision was their choice of people representing the selections in their on-screen dashboard control system. Each would appeal to people between 15 – 25. Current Impala buyers are in their 50s – 70s.

This is a small detail, but it reflects a lack of overall direction for the car. When you start your project, whether it is the revision of a multi-million dollar car or the relaunch of your newsletter, think of your actual audience. Be realistic by focusing on what they will respond to – and not on what the potential bleeding edge audience might like. Push the boundaries in areas where you will get some payback.

Photo courtesy of Car and Driver magazine.

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  1. Government agencies use Impalas because they’re American made, roomy, and reasonably priced.

    Those are horrible graphics.

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