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Why You Should Use Google+

July 21st, 2011

Paul Merrill

Google+ is the newest member of the social media toolkit. It was launched on June 28, 2011. As of this publishing date, it is only available by invitation – not open to the public. However, it WILL make a significant impact on what can be done in social media. Currently, it is not available for business use, but individuals can use it to spread their corporate messages.

Significant features:

a) The ability to send messages to subsets of people rather than mass-broadcast (“Circles”).

b) “Sparks” = You can follow topics of interest.

c) “Hangouts” = a group video chat with up to 10 people.

d) Integration with other Google applications like Gmail, Calendar, Documents, etc.

I would highly recommend that you check it out. If you need an invite, I will send them to the first three people to comment. (Note that this doesn’t always work. Google is trying to limit the access, and invitations don’t always go through.)

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