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Your Attitude Shines Through

April 8th, 2013

Paul Merrill

automobile magazine spread (http://greenergrassmedia NULL.jpg)I love car magazines. Automobile (http://www NULL.automobilemag is one of the best. Each month, there’s a column about car design. The writer is a veteran car designer. His opinions are informed by vast experience. But I stopped reading his column a few years ago. His negative and know-it-all tone just got too annoying. Very few cars got his stamp of approval. He has to pick on the minor details of gloriously beautiful cars.

When you are writing as yourself (and not as a company) it’s important to not be a know-it-all. Even if you are writing as a company, convey the attitude of being open to input. Be positive. Your readers will be much more open to hearing – and enjoying – what you have to say. When you are writing a negative review, say at least a few positive things. If your chosen subject has no positive qualities, skip it.

If you are explaining something, be aware that not everyone knows all about your topic. Refer them to resources that will help beginners.

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  1. Brenda Qunn (http://www NULL.brendaquinnwrites #
    April 9, 2013

    Thanks for these reminders, Paul. They’re well-taken. I know that I, for one, need to keep remembering that attitude, and coming alongside the reader, can make all the difference.

    • Paul Merrill (http://pmerrill #
      April 9, 2013

      Thank you for your writing too, Brenda. You have inspired me in positive directions, as well.

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