Twenty-five cents can make a big difference in how your customer perceives you.

This Tazo tea bag was part of a recent hotel experience. If the hotel chain had provided a Lipton tea bag, my perception of the chain would have been lower. The total cost difference between the two bags might have been 25c. But that small expenditure more than made up for the cost, in terms of my feeling about the chain.

Similarly, your logo can make a huge difference in a potential customer’s first impression of how professional your business is. A week ago, I refined the logo for a client – and the difference was dramatic. For a small expenditure, this startup now has the ability to make a more professional impression on their growing client base.

In the life of a company, the expenditure on a great logo is relatively small. But it will pay off for years to come.

Don’t skimp on the things that people see first. If you do, they may leave after only visiting your home page – no matter how good your product or service is.

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