One of the things I’ve been learning recently is that what you give out will return to you.

My kids have sadly joined in the attitudes my wife and I have about music. Our years of listening to repeated songs have left us jaded. Our constant complaining rubbed off. Now they complain about repetitive music too.

So for your company, be sure to give positive messages about your competition. Don’t be afraid to make them shine. They certainly have strengths in areas where you are weak. And vice-versa. It may yield a fruitful partnership. If you are very strong in one area of your market and weak in the area your competitor is strong, join forces!

(Now if I can just get over that hatred of repetition in music.)

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  1. put on some philip glass… I don’t exactly know what you mean but I do like repetitive music. it can be quite meditative, bring you in a different state of being.

    curious about your work update.
    at what time of day do you post these things? I put on the computer this morning> old post and now = noon (4am for you) and there is a new post. It used to have the time of your post but now only the date is visible.

    1. I schedule my posts to go out at 2:01 mountain time. I write them at all different times & days.

  2. I learned a lot of “common sense” when I was young (age 50) and find that unlearning it is difficult and counterintuitive. Saying something positive about a competitor–and meaning it–is a great example. I believe it might have originally been proposed by some guy named Jesus?

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