Use the Right Tool

I have two power drills. One’s cordless – perfect for drilling a quick small hole. The other is a giant heavy Craftsman. If I really want to get three horsepower behind a drilling maneuver, that’s the one I pull out. Social media – you’ve heard how it needs to be in any company’s mix of […]

What to Feature About Your Product or Service

I bought a new pair of jeans recently from Old Navy. There’s a logo on the inside saying that when the water they use to make the jeans is finished, it leaves the factory clean. A good thing? Yes. What they didn’t tell you was that the extra energy and ink used to put that […]

POSITIVE Marketing

One of the things I’ve been learning recently is that what you give out will return to you. My kids have sadly joined in the attitudes my wife and I have about music. Our years of listening to repeated songs have left us jaded. Our constant complaining rubbed off. Now they complain about repetitive music […]

Non-attack Marketing

Nescafe forgot a basic rule of good marketing – don’t cut your competitor down. “Full of themselves” was their description of Starbucks’ instant coffee, in a recent national campaign promoting their similarly packaged individual-serving product. Stating an advantage they have over the Starbucks product (price?) would have been much more helpful to the consumer than […]