I have two power drills. One’s cordless – perfect for drilling a quick small hole. The other is a giant heavy Craftsman. If I really want to get three horsepower behind a drilling maneuver, that’s the one I pull out.

Social media – you’ve heard how it needs to be in any company’s mix of marketing tools. Most ad agencies now have at least one person devoted to doing social media for their clients. That’s good. But when a marketing firm or ad agency adds on social media to their staff member’s job description, it may not be a good fit.

That’s where Greener Grass Media comes in. I will help you fit social media into what you are doing, since that’s my specialty.

If you have a vintage Porsche, you might not want to take it to just any auto shop – they may not know how to work on it. In the same way, if you want to use social media in the best way, go to a social media pro.

And just so that I’m not tooting my own horn, if you already have a relationship with a social media pro, spend more time with them! They can probably help you move your use of social media to the next level.


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