Take a Break

On this Greener Grass Media blog, you are used to reading ideas to improve your business strategy. One of the best tips I can give you is to step back, take a break, and recharge your batteries. The best way to improve your effectiveness at what you already do well is to breathe, go for […]

When to Push the Boundaries

When do you keep things the way they are, and when do you push for change? Chevrolet recently released a whole new version of their Impala, a large sedan formerly banished to rental car lots. The new model is being marketed to a much younger audience. Chevrolet thinks they can gain some traction with the […]

Free Learning

Learning is a discipline we all need to continue pursuing. Time and money have prevented many people from seeking ongoing quality education. But today, some of the finest learning is now available to everyone with an internet connection and a computer. For free. MIT offers a very robust set of courses. From cognitive sciences to […]

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

More and more websites are being viewed using mobile devices. eDigital Research reported that, “84% of smartphone owners have used their devices to browse websites.” That report was created almost a year ago, and so that number is only going up. Not every website is ready for mobile devices. Many tablets will render websites OK, […]

Your Attitude Shines Through

I love car magazines. Automobile is one of the best. Each month, there’s a column about car design. The writer is a veteran car designer. His opinions are informed by vast experience. But I stopped reading his column a few years ago. His negative and know-it-all tone just got too annoying. Very few cars got […]

Time management

Almost everyone I know has too much to do. We are all feeling stressed and overloaded. It’s just part of life today. There’s one thing you can do to be more productive in the time you must spend on getting all your work, school and general responsibilities done: Take a break. The best breaks are […]